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  April 17th World Hemophilia Day for PDF format press here

What is Hemophilia (Arabic) click here-pdf file

What is Hemophilia (Russian) click here-pdf file

 Russian Publications

- Growing Up with Hemophila: Four Articles on Childhood

- Guidelines for the Development of a National Programme for Haemophilia

- Haemophilia: Facts for Families

Haemophilia: Facts for Healthcare Professionals

- What is Hemophilia?

Treatment of Hemophilia Monograph Series (TOH)

- TOH 1:  The Treatment of Hemophilia Bleeding with Limited Resources

- TOH 3: Primary Dental Care of Patients with Hemophilia 

- TOH 4: Hereditary Plasma Clotting Factor Disorders and Their Management

- TOH 5: Gynecological Complications in Women with Bleeding Disorders 

- TOH 6: Musculoskeletal Complications of Hemophilia: The Joint 

- TOH 7: Inhibitors in Hemophilia: A Primer 

- TOH 8: Perspectives of Hemophilia Carriers 

- TOH 9: Viral Hepatitis and Bleeding Disorders

- TOH 11: Desmopressin (DDAVP) in the Treatment of Bleeding Disorders: The First 20 Years

- TOH 17: An Introduction to Gene Therapy

- TOH 18: Gene Therapy for the Hemophilias

- TOH 19: Platelet Function Disorders

- TOH 21: Hepatitis C Infection and Its Management

- TOH 22: The Pain Management Book for People with Haemophilia and Related Bleeding Disorders

Facts and Figures Monograph Series (F&F)

- F&F 7: Transmissible Agents and the Safety of Coagulation Factor Concentrates

Other Links in Russian



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